Chicago LGBT Pride Weekend.

Many apologies for my severe case of unmotivation writer's block. Yes I understand it's been a minute since I blogged. I've had a million things to write about, but couldn't quite do it.
So, now, what better way then to come back with a bang?
This weekend was Pride weekend. Of course the queens were showing out...and so were my friends and I.

My outfit deets:
Blazer: Target
Bulls tank: F21
Short: American Eagle
Sandals: Bakers
Bangles: everywhere
Clutch: H&M
Dress: H&M
cross body bag: F21

Of course when the queens come out they are forever over the top. However many other people thought that they could be over the top and get away with it, but they were just HAMs!!!!! Everyone was soooooooo nice. I felt an overwhelming sense of love and support to the community (as I went out to love and support as well). Unfortunately we caught the tail end of the parade so I don't have  any of those pictures...WOMP! 

Indeed there is NOTHING better than Summertime Chi!!!!!!!! 

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KENYETTA said...

im so mad i missed pride looks like you had fun. cute tee!