add a little sugar...

these are the makings of my dream man....pop culture style.

-the intelligence and prestige of Barak Obama. Someone who commands attention and does not have to demand it.

-the height of an NBA player. Height is sexy on anybody!

-the charming masculinity of David Beckham
-God fearing and strong Christian morale just like TD Jakes
-the stylishness of Justin Timberlake

-the confidence (a tad bit of craziness) like Kanye West
-the built of Chad Ochocinco
-a sense of humor like Katt Williams
-eyes that ease your soul like Wentworth Miller (and a nice hairline)
-the ability to make me feel happy and loved for who I am just like Christian Louboutin

everyone knows what shoes do to a woman lol

Yup...these are the makings of him! 


Teresa said...

Hey! This is going to sound so strange but, I saw your comment on and you said that teh blue and white striped dress is from hm.. the one that amber rose was wearing. is that true?

thanks so much!

Miss Jojo said...

i was looking for ur email address to message u personally but couldnt find it. bt yup yup...obviously i cant say for sure becuz i cnt see the tag but i almost 100% positive that's the dress... i shop wayyyy too much and H&M is my store ;)