Under Construction

Commencing my new chapter of my life, I'm going to be launching TWO new blogs... I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited about them equally. One is going to be about my life as an Americorps volunteer and the other one is going to be nothing but beauty-product reviews, DYI fashion, tutorials, nails, and all that girly stuff. 
Stay posted at 'To Each Her Own' for more deets and information....I also hear they may be a contest but keep that on the hush! lol 
Love you all, Jojofacebook chat emoticon kiss

#np Under Construction - Solange 

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nikky said...

so i saw your youtube vid about your wagmans purchase and am 100% convinced that I want to buy it now! how has the upkeep been?! it looks sooo good on you, and i want to make sure its a good investment...

lemme know!