Trying to stay encouraged

Okay so of course as a woman I am inevitably burdened with the picture perfect ideals of woman; you know the ones that say a woman has to be a size 4/6, no stretch marks, always in perfect hair, etc. But size is the one that bothers me most. Complain. Complain. Complain. So I finally decided to do something about it...but three weeks in and I'm getting discouraged. It's like OMG why can't I just be where I want to be already????? Oh and mind you I'm doing this the "old fashion" way. That is, no fad diets no quick stunts...just monitoring what I eat and exercise...dear God do I work-out. I just pray and turn to my friends for motivation for feelings like this. I just give up when I realize I haven't got the result I want. Spending break in Liberia and a recent conversation with a friend really makes me wanna lose. So....I hope and pray I keep this up. Since I'm moving to New York I wanna be a size 10 chic for the big city...I just hope it's ready for me =).

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Anonymous said...

Don't aim for a number love, aim to be healthy. Everything else will take care of itself. It takes 21 days to form a habit, so get in the habit of being healthy and it will get easier from there. And one thing I've learned is that you can't depend on your friends to motivate you to do anything--you have to find that motivation from within. Good luck.