sparkle & shine

I HAD to IMMEDIATELY do a blog post! I had a wonderful night on the town and what is now my FAVORITE dress ever (and shoes too)! 

shoe game of the night! 
Check out my haute roomie Pari here!

 I paired it w/ my KK snakeskin sandals and silver jewelry: pearl earrings, snake finger ring, bowtie ring, and bow necklace. Along with my thrifted patent leather black clutch! 

weight loss tidbit: I'm down 28.5 pounds and looking to lose 31.5 more!!!


Anonymous said...

Great Post. I like both of looks.

Anonymous said...

You look great!!! I really love your style and confidence, keep it up. So glad you are back to blogging too....really missed you.

What made you decide to loose weight? What are you doing different?