Confidence vs Courage

     I am generally a confident woman. I know I'm not perfect (not that perfect exists), and embrace my flaws, because I know I am beautiful. I stumbled upon this dress while trying to quickly grab something for my friend's birthday party. The dress is amaze...very summertime. I loved the back. I loved the color. I loved the cuts, but I did not like the dress.....on me. Something about it made me self-conscious. I did not buy it because there just wasn't that umphf. I knew I'd be turning heads *insert whistling sounds*, but just couldn't quite bring myself to swipe my card. As I reflect I wonder if it was my own personal issues barricading what could have been an epic dress. I showed a friend and she said I was being silly and that I better go back and get my dress. LOL! 
     I've never owned a piece like this so maybe it was first-time butterflies. But really, I am wondering if I had a lack of confidence or a lack of courage. 
What are your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

It is a cute dress but you did good by not buying it. I hate seeing rolls...that just doesn't look good and I am not trying to be funny or say you are not beautiful....but some things should be kept a secret and just because it is in your size does not mean you should just wear it.