OOTN: Saturday Night Feverrrrrr

>>>The weekends ALWAYS brings me  [new, fun, surprising, random, epic] adventures. This weekend I went to Mezé Tapas Lounge for a young (Black) adult networking social then out to celebrate my friend's sister's birthday. 
>>>Everyone knows the cliché "We repeat history." So it comes as no shock that flare, i.e. bell bottoms, jeans are this season's craze. This particular night I wasn't sure if I wanted to take it retro or California girl. In the end, I was feeling Mila Kunis circa That 70's Show. 

Shirt: some boutique that closed down in Champaign (like 3 years ago)
Jeans: Old Navy Diva flare leg
shoes: Asos Perfect in Nude
bangles: Aldo, F21, flea market
earrings: F21 (big pearls)
ring: big: H&M, small: Carson's
belt: H&M
ruffle detail on my shirt! 

(sidenote: my prayers are with my fellow UIUC alum...I'm praying for you Brian and your family and the others that were effected) 

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Anonymous said...

Where you at jojo? come back to us! I would love to see what you wore on Christmas/New Years!