weekend flix.

This was the best weekend of this 2011 thus far. 
It was Acoulu's birthday and we def has a blast and put on a show in the restaurant lol.
Got to catch up with Phil whom I haven't seen in years. We enjoyed each others company and he gave me everything, LIFE all weekend. I'm so happy for his present and upcoming successes. He introduced me to his two fierce friends whom flown to the City with him as well as Jamie and Shante, partners and his castmates from Money Hungry. Everyone was a pleasure to meet and we kicked it soooo hard!
After dinner I shopped a tad bit more and hung out. Those 3 Mrgaritas pretty much were in full effect all night even after some clubbin.
Sunday the Atlanta Housewives reunion was on (literally) and poppin. Daniele, Alain, and I went to Applebee's and chilled for a while. 2 for $20 was surprsingly good this year....
Benny's Burritos in SoHo.
good food. strong drinks. will NOT break the bank


hey, you!
2 for $20 yummma....
RHOA time!

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