Call Me Neiman Coming Soon....UPDATE!!!!

Hello Lovlies- 

Did you miss me? Little ol' me? For those who have even noticed I have not blogged in years. It gets super tricky working full-time and going to school. My schedule has left me with no room to do much else. I'm preparing to take the MCAT and finishing the last semester of my post-bacc. So you can only imagine my life. #thestruggle

Thusly, I'm re-embarking on my newest-old niche and that is writing. During conversations with a friend I realize losing our niches is equivalent to losing our uniqueness. NO BUENO!  Getting back to what gives me ultimate euphoria. I realize it's not about HITS but persistence and passion. I'm gonna step out my bubble, break my walls, and get a little unorthodox....pretty much just me in the raw unafraid and neglecting self-conscious. I promise to treat CallMeNeiman like my new baby! It's going to be grrreeeeeattt! I'm bias tho so... 

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